A multi-talented personality, Mahesh Matta Sandas Wellness: A New Move Of Life is a dancer cum director. Most of Bollywood’s top actors and actresses have been taught by him, resulting in an unasked stature of fame and love from people. The art of dance was taught to him at Shiamak Davar academy, where he mastered the contemporary form of dance. He began passing on skills of dance in 2015, at a small dance academy that he started and owned himself. With time, he also started conducting dance workshops both in India and abroad.


According to Mahesh Matta: A New Move Of Life, dance is the movement of the body rhythmically, usually to music and within a given space to express an idea and emotion. Mahesh Matta choreographed five big films in the year 2018. Following this Mahesh Matta decided to make a stand-in film direction. One of the most prolific dancers in India and in fact, he is truly a trendsetter. Mahesh Matta Sandas Wellness has delivered a unique combination of Flawless dance performances revealing his immense talent in the craft. Despite being at the zenith of his dancing career, he remains to be one of the most humble and down-to-earth people in the industry. click here


Mahesh Matta started dancing during his years of study and started his career as a background dancer, now became a professional dancer by mastering the art of contemporary. His dedication devotion to his craft has made him one of the top dancers in India without a hint of any doubt. Mahesh Matta has also done in-depth research in pharma and medicines and started making medicines that are very helpful in day-to-day life. Mahesh Matta: A new Move Of Life has always been interested in learning new things and be passionate about it. At the start Mahesh Matta was nobody and now has come so far that almost everybody knows him.Mahesh Matta Contemporary style